First meeting was a definite shakeup

Well the demo gods frowned on me, my RHEL 6.5 work laptop’s nVidia driver prevented me from starting the Google hangout. But Doug came to the rescue and started a hangout.


  • Doug Masiero
  • Joseph Apuzzo
  • Eric Wagner
  • Robert Demkowicz
  • Gordon McPheeters
  • Jack Chastain
  • Christopher Knadle


I gave my take on what it’s all about. Basically the LUG has matured to a point in which we can mentor those who want assistance in growing there skills and knowledge allowing them a career that is Linux and/or Open Source related. Also the opportunity for those with lots of experience have a chance to mentor others so they themselves can demonstrate the critical skill of mentoring others.

We also discussed what topics of individual interest:

  • Openstack, exploring deployments for the SMB environment ( Private Cloud )

  • SMB class scalable storage, looking at Ceph and other F/OSS scalable file systems

  • Virtualization: using KVM in a hosted environment

  • Virtualization: in the home or office ( the DYI all yourself flavor )

  • Blogging vs traditional dead tree book, which communicates skills better?


I’ve already talked to Sean Swehla about how to allow more then one person to start a scheduled hangout. Sean was a great help and I will build the necessary page and give access to others so that there is not a single point of failure. Next up will be to get everyone use to Hangouts screen sharing ability and maybe also a demo of a slide presentation. People are starting on building out KVM and OpenStack test environments to explore. Blogging about progress/findings is highly encouraged.


About Joe Apuzzo

Distributed file system ( GPFS ) expert who supports enterprise customers. Administrator of clusters consisting of Linux, MS Windows and AIX servers using various Virtual Machine environments. Teacher of basic and advanced GPFS trouble shooting and performance tuning classes. Author of missing customer documentation and a red book about Linux. Inventor of code coverage methods for testing of modular software. Also a dedicated Assistant Scout Master, a frequent contributing member of and a passionate Amateur Photographer.
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