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Distributed file system ( GPFS ) expert who supports enterprise customers. Administrator of clusters consisting of Linux, MS Windows and AIX servers using various Virtual Machine environments. Teacher of basic and advanced GPFS trouble shooting and performance tuning classes. Author of missing customer documentation and a red book about Linux. Inventor of code coverage methods for testing of modular software. Also a dedicated Assistant Scout Master, a frequent contributing member of and a passionate Amateur Photographer.

Get ready for the second meeting

OpenStack seems to be front and center in our discussions. BUT don’t run out and buy an out of date book! Everything you need is online! OpenStack Documents DevStack Documents DevStack allows one to install OpenStack on a Virtual Machine … Continue reading

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First meeting was a definite shakeup

Well the demo gods frowned on me, my RHEL 6.5 work laptop’s nVidia driver prevented me from starting the Google hangout. But Doug came to the rescue and started a hangout. Attending: Doug Masiero Joseph Apuzzo Eric Wagner Robert Demkowicz … Continue reading

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Start of the Professional Linux SIG!

First topic will be “Hyper-visors: how-to setup your own server farm on your computer” Linux users either KVM or ViurtualBox, Windows and Mac users will be ViurtualBox so brush up on them for the meeting. Then on May 18th we will … Continue reading

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