Get ready for the second meeting

OpenStack seems to be front and center in our discussions. BUT don’t run out and buy an out of date book! Everything you need is online!

DevStack allows one to install OpenStack on a Virtual Machine even on a laptop to allow development of OpenStack solutions.

One’s to focus on:


Note: These guides and documents are very Corporate, meaning if you want to be a Linux Pro you need to learn to understand what they mean. It’s not written like a Dummies book. If you don’t understand something, please make note of it and bring it up at the meeting. One of us should be able to help decode it back in to normal English.

Google+ Hangout page for the meeting

If you want an invite to the group please send japuzzo ( at ) gmail (dot) come a note with your gmail email address so I can add you in. You will then automatically be invited in the meeting when it starts on Sunday May 18 at 7pm

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First meeting was a definite shakeup

Well the demo gods frowned on me, my RHEL 6.5 work laptop’s nVidia driver prevented me from starting the Google hangout. But Doug came to the rescue and started a hangout.


  • Doug Masiero
  • Joseph Apuzzo
  • Eric Wagner
  • Robert Demkowicz
  • Gordon McPheeters
  • Jack Chastain
  • Christopher Knadle


I gave my take on what it’s all about. Basically the LUG has matured to a point in which we can mentor those who want assistance in growing there skills and knowledge allowing them a career that is Linux and/or Open Source related. Also the opportunity for those with lots of experience have a chance to mentor others so they themselves can demonstrate the critical skill of mentoring others.

We also discussed what topics of individual interest:

  • Openstack, exploring deployments for the SMB environment ( Private Cloud )

  • SMB class scalable storage, looking at Ceph and other F/OSS scalable file systems

  • Virtualization: using KVM in a hosted environment

  • Virtualization: in the home or office ( the DYI all yourself flavor )

  • Blogging vs traditional dead tree book, which communicates skills better?


I’ve already talked to Sean Swehla about how to allow more then one person to start a scheduled hangout. Sean was a great help and I will build the necessary page and give access to others so that there is not a single point of failure. Next up will be to get everyone use to Hangouts screen sharing ability and maybe also a demo of a slide presentation. People are starting on building out KVM and OpenStack test environments to explore. Blogging about progress/findings is highly encouraged.

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Start of the Professional Linux SIG!

First topic will be “Hyper-visors: how-to setup your own server farm on your computer”

Linux users either KVM or ViurtualBox, Windows and Mac users will be ViurtualBox so brush up on them for the meeting. Then on May 18th we will discuss our project outlines ( for those who will be doing projects )

As an example my “project” will be getting a working OpenStack cluster running test jobs and I will investigate different “object storage” options which I will present and blog about. I am also very interested in learning LDAP and can work on that a s more of a team effort.

For those whom have no clue what to do, you can follow the Red Hat Certified Engineer aka RHCE curriculum as an outline of what a professional Linux Administrator is expected to know. The Hudson Valley Library System has the book “RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux certification study guide : exams (EX200 & EX300) By Michael Jang”. In the back of the book you will find a CD which contain a PDF version of the each chapter, along with example files.

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